Graffham’s greatest garden sale – auction

There were 20 incredible items up for grabs in Graffham’s greatest garden sale auction – and many more bargains to bag on sale day.

Details of the winning bids and bidders are given below.

Scroll down for full details on how it works.

Lot 1: John Deere ride-on mower

Model X126. New 2020 from Farol of Midhurst, who last serviced it in Feb 2022, including installation of new blades.

This machine is side discharge and works very effectively when the grass is damp, eg early in the day in summer.

It comes with an older Westwood water-filled roller and am older Westwood tippable trailer. Although they are a bit rusty, they still work well, attaching to the tractor tow bar.

Value: More than £3,000 new..

Winning bid and bidder: £1,750, Melissa Ackland

Lot 2: Honda Izy lawn mower

Serviced annually.  Easy starter

Value: About £400 when new.

Leading bid and

Winning bid and bidder: £80, Sioux Allen

: £?, Watch This Space

Lot 3: Viking electric shredder

With more than 30 metres of cable.

Value: Lots of garden waste turned into compost!

Winning bid and bidder: £70, Mary Taylor

Lot 4: Stihl petrol chain saw MS181

Model MS181. Newish, serviced summer 2021, plus log horse.

Value: Worth around £230 new.

Winning bid and bidder: £125, Leigh Marriner

Lot 5: Bosch electric hedge cutter

Bosch electric hedge cutter AHS50-26, with goggles and gloves

Value: Almost £100 new.

Winning bid and bidder: £60, Anthony

Lot 6: Husqvarna petrol strimmer

Husqvarna petrol strimmer 225R with harness

Value: Worth about £100 on eBay.

Winning bid and bidder: £60, Melissa Ackland

Lot 7: Outdoor table tennis set

Kettler outdoor table tennis table, with net and bats

Value: More than £400 new on Amazon.

Winning bid and bidder: £150, Ella Sharman

Lot 8: Pool table

Pool table, 95cm x 135cm, support frame, balls, cues, etc.

Winning bid and bidder: £65, Ella Sharman

Lot 9: Ladies’ three-speed bike

Giant ladies three-speed bicycle, little used, front tyre needs attention

Winning bid and bidder: £45, Jan Davey

Lot 10: Extendible aluminium ladder

Extending aluminium ladder, two-piece, each 4m, with gutter space-off and roof ridge grip.

Value: Worth about £150 new

Winning bid and bidder: £65, Martin Taylor

Lot 11: Vintage croquet set

Four 1930 croquet mallets, plus vintage hoops and 1990 wood balls.

Winning bid and bidder: £100, David Sparkes

Lot 12: Stacking plastic chairs

Eight Matthew Hilton dark grey plastic stacking chairs

Winning bid and bidder: £5, Louise Hancock

Lot 13: Vintage cast-iron table

Britannia vintage cast-iron table with modern top

Winning bid and bidder: £40, Colin Baker

Lot 14: Lion head bench

Perfect for sitting outside on a sunny day!

Winning bid and bidder: £60, Vivien Turner

Lot 15: Lego treasure trove

Winning bid and bidder: £15, Linda Whittingdon

Lot 16: Remote controlled buggies

Two remote-controlled aero buggies, need batteries – money back if not working!

Value: Vrroom, vrooomm, vroooommm!

Leading bid and bidder: £?, Watch This Space

Lot 17: White marquee 6×3 metres

3m x 6m telescopic frame white marquee, works as gazebo if sides omitted

Winning bid and bidder: £80, Bruce Wickham

Lot 18: Green gazebo 3×3 metres

3m x 3m ‘quick erect’ telescopic frame dark green gazebo

Winning bid and bidder: £22, Sara Carr

Lot 19: White marquee 3×3 metres

3m x 3m DIY frame assembly white marquee, works as gazebo if sides omitted. Comes will all four sides – just two are shown in this photo.

Winning bid and bidder: £50, Jo Morris

Lot 20: White gazebo 2×4 metres

4m x 3m DIY frame assembly white gazebo

Leading bid and bidder: £?, Watch This Space


Submit your bids:

  • In person on Saturday 9 April 2022 between 10am and 4pm (excluding 12.30-2pm) at Tangletrees, overlooking the rec.
  • By email to before 6 pm on Friday 8 April, ensuring you clearly indicate:
    • The lot you are bidding for – including its name and number (eg Lot 12 plus description).
    • The amount you are offering (in whole pounds only – fractions of pounds will be invalid).
    • Your first and family name.
    • Your email address, telephone number and home address.

The status of each lot will be updated online regularly with the latest leading bid and bidder until Friday 8 April 2022 – so keep an eye on the lot listing pages by clicking on the links above or below. Then check back on sale day to see if anyone’s outbid you..

You may increase your bid before the auction closes by submitting a fresh bid.

Successful bidders will be notified after the auction closes and advised then of options to pay.  Payment for items purchased must be made in full by 5 pm on sale day – and you can then take your winning lots away (larger items by agreement with the organisers).

Check our full T&Cs here.

For any queries, email

Lots more bargains to bag on sale day – just make an acceptable offer!