Baptism or Christening

Baptism of Jacob Salter August 2019

It’s a wonderful privilege to welcome new members into the church through baptism or christening. Reverend Vivien is delighted to hear from parents seeking this blessing for their children at St Giles, or adults considering this vital step into Christian life. See Contact Us for Reverend Vivien’s details.  She will be happy to explore your request with you.

On the day, it is good for the sacrament of baptism or christening to take place during our Sunday morning service at St Giles, surrounded by the family of the Church. A separate Christening service is also possible if required. Baptism for children and adults normally takes place in our ancient font, used for this holy purpose for many centuries. Reverend Vivien has never conducted a total immersion baptism for adults, though would cheerfully respond to such a request.

Please see helpful information for parents and godparents of children being brought for baptism, on the Church of England website ‘First steps on an amazing journey

Adults considering baptism may like to look at the Church of England website page ‘A response to God’s love’.