Ringing for your great-grandparents’ 70 wedding anniversary!

We’re thankful that the tradition of bell ringing still continues at St Giles Church to enrich the worship of this community.  In addition to weddings and other special occasions, we ring for the main Service each Sunday from 9.55-10.25, after which ringers either stay for the service or leave as they prefer.  In November 2018, our bells participated in ‘Battle’s Over’, the national commemoration of the end of hostilities of World War 1.  

Bell ringing is a hobby that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.  St Giles has a ground floor ring of six bells with a tenor weighing 9-1-26.  Practice night is Tuesdays from 7pm.  The ringers are a friendly group and anyone is welcome to come along and ring if able – we’re very grateful to ringers willing to do so – or just watch and discover if this is an activity for you.  From time to time, bands of visiting ringers also come to ring at our church and are most welcome to enjoy our bells.   

Graffham bell-ringer George White has written a comprehensive history of our bells.   Collect a copy from St Giles Church or download it HERE

Interested in finding out more?  Come along on a Tuesday practice night, and introduce yourself. You will be very welcome!