Parish Events

In addition to regular and seasonal acts of worship, and baptism, wedding and funeral services, our parish engages with the Graffham village community in a variety of ways.

Graffham Parish News

We are pleased to provide a monthly magazine free of charge to the whole village community, detailing the events in the life of the village and advertising opportunities for village folk to come together to enjoy and support one another.  See What’s On: Graffham Parish News in our menu bar for further information about the magazine.

Harvest Supper

Church and village community all gather together at the end of September for a Harvest Supper in the Empire Hall on a Friday near to our Harvest Festival. Each family contributes a plate of food and everyone shares the feast that ensues at this popular event. The cost of hiring the Hall is met by a raffle with prizes donated by PCC members. ‘Our Harvest Supper has been going on ‘since time immemorial’ and everyone is welcome to join in this long-standing tradition in Graffham. See What’s On: News for details at that time of year.