In our parish we seek to place children at the centre of our worshipping life. Children honour us with their presence and companionship at any time. The following are especially designed with children and families in mind. We welcome you most warmly with your family to worship with us when you can.

‘CHURCH ON SUNDAY’ First Sunday of month at 10.30am

This simpler variation to our Parish Eucharist is offered on the first Sunday of each month and other Festival Days at 10.30am at St Giles.  Craft activities for children are provided at these services.  Do join us for refreshments in church afterwards. We have delicious coffee, and often home-made cakes and biscuits here.

JUNIOR WORSHIP GROUP Thursdays monthly at 5pm

We are pleased that young people help plan and prepare our ‘Church on Sunday’ services in a Junior Worship group, meeting at the Rectory on Thursdays once a month at 5pm.  If you are a young person coming to Church on Sunday services you are welcome to join this group and share in worship planning together.  Please see Contact Us for Reverend Vivien’s details.